C5 Series Electronic Controls

The C5 Series of electronic controls is our flagship control line. Now in it's fifth generation of electronics, the controls in the C5 series all share the same expertly engineered power board that make each capable of being configured in an astonishing 40 different spa/component configurations.

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T8 Series Command Centers

The new T8 Series of Command Centers are our most ambitious and feature packed topsides to-date. The T8-S and T8-X topside show how our versatile patented Spa-Touch™ switching technology make our latest topsides as versatile as our control boxes. Our advanced software and technology allow us to use the same feature-rich electronics/hardware with both the T8-S and T8-X Command Centers.

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T7 Command Center

The T7 Command Center is the first topside to incorporate our patented Spa-Touch™ switching technology. It has quickly become a fan favorite, thanks to its easy-to-install design and simple user-friendly functionality.

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